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~Bringing Peace One Dispute Resolution At A Time~

Disputes derive from one common denominator : the lack of communication between parties leading to misunderstanding and resentment.

At Clear Creek Mediation Center, we work with parties to identify their interests and needs. We collaborate to fully develop not only your expressed positions but also your underlying concerns. We ask that each party fully listen and understand the position and underlying concerns of the other party. From this understanding we guide the parties to develop a joint mission statement of their objectives.  

For Divorce mediation, we provide a private, mindful, & respectful process.  Our mediators guide you through our creative, focused, and thoughtful problem-solving approach to reach all agreements. Since mediation lowers conflict, it reduces stress for you and your family.  We understand heightened emotions, and with thorough organization and transparency, we help keep couples on a straight and narrow path to a fair and amicable Divorce Marital Agreement.  

We guide you through the entire Divorce process, start to finish, with avoiding the courtroom completely.    

We use a hybrid evaluative/facilitative model to mediate. We are committed to providing parties with a valuable mediation experience in which participants can communicate their viewpoints in a safe, respectful, and balanced environment. We understand the nuances and complexities which underpin disputes and have a genuine desire to help parties not only reach a lasting agreement, but also improve relationships.  

We rely on our ability to break down problems into its components rapidly to identify & prioritize the issues. Our emotional intelligence and analytical skills allow us to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathically. This way we can defuse participants’ hard feelings towards one another in order to identify possible solutions. 

Clear Creek Mediation Center provides mediation services as an alternative to dispute resolution for NASA, League City, Clear Lake, Harris County, Galveston County, and surrounding communities.  

Mediation offers a Positive Alternative to conflict

~We Walk With You Every Step~

~We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that we used to create them~

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