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The conventional process of divorce or other family law matters can drive parties even farther apart. It takes a toll on individual dignity, and often children suffer the most. Collaborative Divorce presents a more humane, respectful choice for divorces. It is a process in which the parties and their mediator agree in writing to make a good faith attempt to reach a mutually-agreeable settlement without court intervention. Working together, we craft a way to dissolve your marriage respectfully, or resolve any family law matter in a way that considers everyone’s needs and minimizes conflict.

Collaborative divorce allows couples to resolve family law issues themselves without entering a courtroom where a judge or jury determines how an issue will be settled. As such, actively being collaborative, places couples in charge of their own fate, providing them with a forum to discuss and negotiate terms mutually agreeable to all involved.

Clear Creek Mediation assists clients throughout the collaborative divorce process to ensure their interests and rights are protected. Your mediator will help you evaluate the pros and cons of any proposed settlement, alerting clients to child custody and parenting issues as well as financial issues that could impact you and your children’s future.

Through mediation, a resolution can be reached that works for the family rather than placing it in the hands of a Judge to decide what he or she thinks will work. A mediator uses his/her skills to gain insight into the family and uses his/her experience to know what can happen in Court to help the parties reach a decision that benefits everyone involved and creates a solution that can work for all involved.

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Conferring With Your Own Lawyer  We recommend that everybody employing our mediation services confer afterward with a lawyer to review the final Mutual Settlement Agreement (MSA) to assure that your interests and concerns have been addressed in a satisfactory manner. 

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