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Mediation is based on open communication and a sincere desire to resolve a dispute. 

Services include community-based mediation, consumer disputes, contractual disputes, personal injury disputes, public policy disputes, real estate disputes, divorce mediation, civil disputes, employee/employer disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, injury/damage disputes, roommate disputes, neighbor disputes, seniors, family disputes, parents and their children, teens, school-related conflicts, community groups, homeowners associations (HOAs), non-profit agencies, City of League City, Webster, Kemah, Seabrook, Nassau Bay, NASA employees and local business owner disputes. Clear Creek Mediation will determine if your situation is appropriate for mediation. 

Mediation allows you a voice in your outcome without time limits or being in front of a judge or jury. Clear Creek Mediation Center facilitates your engagement in the confidential mediation process, on your schedule, either in our office or from the comfort of your computer using our video mediation platform services. 

Clear Creek Mediation Center offers an alternative to legal action. 

Trained mediators and moderators help parties reach agreement before the problem leads to a costly lawsuit or violence.

We offer both Online Video and In Person Mediation Services



Specialty Mediation Services


Marital Settlement Agreements Home Owner Associations/NeighborsFLSA, EEO, ADA, FMLAConsumer / Merchant
Divorce Prevention InsuranceWrongfulCourt Ordered Mediation
Parenting Plans RoommatesWorkers CompensationProperty Damage
Modifications to the Parent Child Relationship Builders/ContractorsPreparationPreparation
Post Divorce Amendments Realtors/HomeownersHarassmentSchool Related Conflicts
Child Custody Medical MalpracticeGrievancesReal Property & Asset Division
CPS Mediations Personal InjuryLabor ManagementMedical & Life Insurance
Sibling Disputes PartnershipsPet Ownership
Prenuptial Agreements Business to Business Retirement Accounts & Pension
Postnuptial/Marital Agreements Real Estate/Construction Debt Resolution & Finances
Eldercare/Geriatric/Senior Living Consumer/Merchant Small Claims Court Disputes
Estate Division/Probate Business Owner/Customer DisputesMultiple State Online Mediation
Temporary Orders/ModificationsInternational Online Mediation



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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process in which people or groups who are in conflict, can work together to arrive at a mutually acceptable resolution. The mediator is a person who facilitates this process. He or she is neutral and not involved with anybody in the dispute.

In this process, the parties, with the help of the mediator, identify their interests, prioritize their needs and find the best ways of communicating these interests. Conflict in life is normal....and, of course, it is very normal for people who are ending a marriage. Yet, we are often frightened of conflict, whether we can manage our emotions within it and whether we will come out with the best result.  These concerns do not have to become reality, however, and with a trained and skilled mediator, the individuals can negotiate through their conflict to a mutually acceptable result.

A mediator is a “negotiation coach,” also, in that he or she guides the participants away from a “zero-sum,” win-lose attitude and toward the interest-based negotiation model. Rather than become entrenched in positional bargaining stances, participants are encouraged to explore and describe their underlying interests. 

A mediator is a “protector of the process and the participants.” He or she will assure that neither party will feel threatened or abused. Everything said within the mediation is confidential and cannot be used at a later time to injure the other person or damage their interests in the legal dispute if mediation is unsuccessful. 

  • The greatest benefit of mediation is that the participants fashion their own resolution. Nobody knows them and the intricacies and nuances of their relationship and their needs the way they do. Certainly no judge or arbitrator can understand the complexities of their lives and relationship after a hearing or trial well enough to make a ruling that is appropriate for their specific circumstance. A mediated result conforms best to the disputants' real needs.
  • Mediation is, of course, much less expensive than litigation, by a factor of many thousands of dollars.
  • Mediation allows all individuals to talk unlike a courtroom where a judge is limited based solely on evidence presented.
  • Mediation saves the participants from the wounds that are inflicted in litigation. 
  • Mediation allows people in conflict to resolve their disagreements (often wrenching disagreement over intimate and crucial personal issues) in an environment of integrity and mutual respect. Individuals emerge from the process feeling stronger and better about themselves and the other person.


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~ We always seek to help parties find creative, workable and customized solutions to their unique challenges.  We firmly believe that the best solutions for conflict are found in mediation. ~ Clear Creek Mediation 

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