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Rebecca Marsh

Rebecca Marsh

Rebecca Marsh specializes in working with families going through divorce, co-parenting, and parental alienation. Rebecca has had training in family and divorce mediation from the University of Houston Law Center and in addition, specific Arbitration and CPS training  for couples divorcing needing child custody planning and in negotiating parenting plans that are best for the children based on their developmental needs.  Rebecca currently serves as a Family Mediator for Galveston and Harris Counties as well through the Harris County Dispute Resolution Center for Judge Louie Ditta Justice of the Peace Court; Precinct 8.  Rebecca is also member on the Training Committee for the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM).

The foundation of her mediation approach is based on helping families through divorce and connecting with people and helping them to achieve healthy family boundaries moving forward after divorce.  Her approach toward relationships is with compassion for whatever family dynamic you are in. Her goal during each mediation is to achieve an empathic and respectful connection with her clients so that they can communicate with each other their desires and goals.  Each mediation session is very individualized, with Rebecca focused on bringing out each person’s true perspective.

She assists each client in examining new strategies to achieve clarification and honesty within themselves so that they may convey to the other party their driven motivation for their decisions. Rebecca specializes in family and divorce mediation.

She helps couples in slowing down their interactions of communication to reveal deeper motivations to decisions; helping couples in moving forward toward positive interactions in their now divorced relationship. The length of each mediation session is determined by each parties’ specific needs and goals. 

Rebecca Marsh, one of our certified Family and Divorce Mediator and Arbitrators, is also a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.  Why choose Rebecca as your Mediator or Arbitrator?

An MFT Mediator or Arbitrator is uniquely trained to help families through difficult, emotionally charged situations such as a divorce, resolve disagreements and disputes, and lay the groundwork for an improved on-going relationship between the parties and their families after the divorce is over.

Clients often bring strong emotions to the mediation process, which can interfere with the productive resolution of issues. People want to be heard. It’s the reason why so many people say, “I just want my day in court.” Therapists are trained to closely follow a client’s narrative and listen to their stories. Therefore, the skills of a therapist make it less likely that the mediator will become impatient with a disputant’s pace or attempt to rush the process. Moreover, whereas attorney mediators tend to focus on the content of communication during mediation, therapists are trained to simultaneously attend to content and process of communication during mediation. The pain that people experience during divorce usually has more to do with the inherent adversarial nature of a traditional divorce, rather than the loss of the relationship.

Dealing with loss and grief is almost always a part of disagreements between family members – loss of relationship, loss of a dream, loss of identity, loss of social relationships, loss of financial security, etc. Beginning to come to terms with loss is an essential precondition for reaching a compromise in any dispute. MFTs are trained in helping people find meaning and dignity in their experience so that they can come to terms with loss and grief. Utilizing an MFT mediator allows for an openness that vastly improves the likelihood of successful mediation.

Rebecca Marsh is the Director of Clear Creek Mediation Center as a Certified Mediator and Commercial Arbitrator for International and Domestic cases, as well as Marriage and Family Therapist, and has helped thousands of couples achieve better communication and expression of their inner wants and needs within their relationships.  She has extensive experience in conflict management and dispute resolution, while serving on numerous Space Shuttle and International Space Station missions in Houston Command and Ground Control team lead roles under numerous NASA Flight Directors.  Her critical thinking skills have allowed her to remain calm yet decisive during crisis scenarios.  She has unique experience in resolving conflict resolution disputes through her 19 year career working at NASA/Johnson Space Center as a Flight Controller in the Mission Control Center as well as counseling 1000's of couples and families toward better communication.


M.A. Psychology - Marriage and Family Therapy; University of Houston-Clear Lake, Texas

B.S. Computer Science; University of Houston-Clear Lake, Texas

Harris County Dispute Resolution Center Mediator; Small Claims Suits

University of Houston Law Center; Family Mediation Training; Commercial Arbitration Training (International and Domestic)

CPS Training; Arbitration and Mediators of America

Arbitration and Mediators of America; Arbitration Training

Association for Conflict Resolution Member

Galveston County Mediators Association

Academy of Professional Family Mediators; Training Committee

American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT) #151925 

National Council for Family Relations (NCFR)  #1178929

Houston Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (HAMFT) #10582271 

American Psychological Association (APA)  #37168394 

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