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Online Mediation

Online Mediation

Suppose you want to hire Clear Creek Mediation Center to help you resolve a conflict that you’re having with an individual, for your divorce, or a company, but for various reasons, meeting face-to-face would be difficult. That’s where online mediation comes in.

The definition of online mediation is often as contextual as the conflict it attempts to resolve. Mediation is often thought of as the last step to adjudicate disputes. Mediation is a negotiation between two or more parties facilitated by an agreed-upon third party. Skilled third-party mediators can lower the emotional temperature in a negotiation, foster more effective communication, help uncover less obvious interests, offer face-saving possibilities for movement, and suggest solutions that the parties might have overlooked.

But perhaps you and the other party are located in different geographic areas. Maybe your dispute originated in an online transaction, and you’ve never even met. Or perhaps one of you feels threatened or intimidated by the other and is reluctant to meet in person. 

Clear Creek Mediation Center offers convenient and affordable online mediation for parties that may not be able to be in the same location.  

Please schedule online, fill out our Contact Form, email us at [email protected], or call to schedule your mediation today with Clear Creek Mediation Center 832-799-9986.

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